What would your life look like if you woke up every morning feeling complete and whole?

Try, for a moment, to picture yourself waking up in the morning peaceful and content. You feel good... There is nothing you have to do to fill a hole, there is no hustling to feel worthy or enough, because you feel that way in your core. You aren't craving something outside of yourself, obsessing over the next "hit" or vice. You simply are, and that is enough. Does that level of peace and contentment sound unfamiliar to you?  It was for me.

For the first 30 years of my life, this was a foreign concept to me. There was always a to do list, always a safety net, always a vice. It wasn't until my life completely fell apart where I was newly divorced, unemployed, and living alone in a new city that I was given the gift to find the path to wholeness...

From my years as working as a psychiatric nurse and working in clinics, I saw a recurring theme... I saw patients who were physically sick, yes, but beneath all that there was something deeper. This was true for myself as well. People felt lost, confused, empty, and many times lonely. I would ask patients who were suicidal if they felt like they had a purpose, and 100% of the time the answer was, "No." It  saddened me, however this provided the opportunity for me to dig deeper and see the light.

As humans, we are complex beings. We are comprised of mind, body, and spirit. Our bodies house our cells and DNA; our minds store our memories, emotions, and thoughts; and our spirit embodies our essence. Any one of these could require healing, and they are all connected, so injury to one could result in injury of the whole. My mission is for you to experience total healing so you can experience life here as a complete and whole person. 

So much of our health woes, our dis-eases, dysfunctional and/or mismatched relationships, and our misery comes from feeling incomplete and broken, whether we are conscious of that or not. I know for myself, for example, my autoimmune issues (immune system attacking myself) came from my own subconscious tendency to blame myself for what was going wrong around me. Yes, nutrition was a HUGE assistance in my autoimmune remission. But FULL REMISSION only came when I healed all the parts of myself that blamed myself. My body no longer thinks it needs to attack itself because there is no part of me that still thinks I need to attack myself. 

I am the healer guide. Ultimately, I help you find your powers and ability to heal on your own. I want people to rediscover their innate power again, this includes total healing. I truly believe we all have the answers to our own healing. I am here to assist you on reconnecting with yourself and your higher wisdom. If I could do it, anyone can do it!! Truly!! EVERYONE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE A WHOLE AND COMPLETE HUMAN IF THEY CHOOSE THEY WANT THAT PATH. 

Coaching with me will lead to the path that reconnects ALL OF YOU so you can find the way to becoming your most whole, complete self. Coaching will also help you understand how to integrate ALL of you (the light, the dark, the inner child within you, the hopes, the dreams, the ego, the old memories, the past, the now, the body, all of it), so you can better love yourself, and therefore better love others and the world around you. You have the answers and power within you. All services are available over phone or Skype.

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I would love to be a partner with you on this journey. Shine on.



Mission Statement

At Inner Fire Wellness, the goal is to help others find their path to achieving their highest level of wholeness and health that they always dreamed of but did not know existed or how to obtain.