The day I had the opportunity to meet Erika was a true godsend. Within the first few minutes of talking with Erika I could feel how much she truly cares, not only about my wellbeing but the wellbeing of everyone she comes into contact with. Within the first few sessions, I was amazed at the depth of my inner self that we found that needed healing. After every session, for me personally, there is a solemn sense of understanding and clarity. Being able to identify my own personal trials and weaknesses, see them in a different light, and learning to allow the burden of carrying those weaknesses to be let go. Erika is one of the most mindful, and open people that I know, with the care and knowledge that everyone should experience. I learn something new and profound every time I have the opportunity to speak with her. One thing that drew me to her was that her goal is to teach you how to empower yourself, and gain the mindfulness and awareness to self heal in mind and spirit. I know that anyone who takes the special opportunity to ignite that inner fire with Erika will gain more than they can imagine.

— Mitch, Charlotte
Erika is an incredible intuitive healer, she has been an absolute gift to me on my healing journey. After only two Theta Healing sessions, incredible miraculous shifts have been occurring in my energy, my health, my mental and emotional state, my life...I am just so thankful that she came into my life at the perfect time. It is easy to release all of my barriers and open up to receive the healing that I typically do not allow, just from being around her warm loving compassionate energy. And being in the medical field myself, I really appreciate how her previous clinical experience and knowledge contributes to her understanding of mind-body healing from a physiological perspective. I can’t recommend her enough!!!
— Shelli, Charlotte
I am a person who tries to be open-minded, as well as somewhat objectively skeptical until I can gain enough information to make my own determinations on things.

That being said... Working with Erika has been incredible! I have achieved more healing than I thought possible in such short sessions and periods of time. I have a sense of peace and calm that is so true it was almost unnerving at first! I still have some work to do with Erika, but I am extremely happy with what we have already accomplished. I highly recommend having an open mind and going for it!
— Amy, Arizona
Not only is Erika amazing as a person and a pleasure to be around, she is a powerful soul with a wonderful gift. After my first session I immediately began to release some hidden beliefs that had been buried. I have tried every form of healing, whether it be alternative practitioners to energy healing, and this has shown to get to the root of it all. The energy of unknown beliefs from trauma can prevent us from what we desire no matter how much work we do to improve. I’m so excited to continue my work with her while bringing into my life what I’ve always wanted.
— Amanda, North Carolina
I had the pleasure of experiencing an incredible Theta healing session recently with Erika. We were out on the deck surrounded by twinkle lights and the sounds of owls and crickets and tree frogs, but the real beauty of the evening was experiencing Erika’s natural intuition as she guided our meditation. It was surprising and touching and definitely busted through some emotional doors for me. She is knowledgable in mind-body-medicine practices and natural approaches to wellness and nutrition. Her sense of humor, warm spirit and candor will be such a gift to her clients. She builds trusting relationships and guides clients to their wholeness and most healthy selves. I can’t rave on and on enough about her, you just have to check it out!!
— Sarah, Charlotte

Everyone should try the Theta Healing. I was skeptical, but am definitely a believer. So much progress made in a single hour, that will have lasting effects on me. Added bonus the post session conversation is free and you’ll gain a great friend.
— Carlos, Charlotte

Erika’s workshop was great. It was a safe place for all of us to share our personal experiences and thoughts, completely free from all judgement and/or opinion. I left feeling connected and empowered, which was great. I absolutely loved it!
— Adrianne, Charlotte