Becoming a mom can be the most wonderful yet uncertain time in a woman’s life. Many women struggle with fear and anxiety of the birth process, followed by the mood and life shifts postpartum.

Mama Mantra Sessions are designed to EMPOWER WOMEN in alleviating fear and anxiety to the core, along with unearthing their fierce and confident spirit prior to labor. Postpartum sessions offer support for mood balancing and bringing to light authentic confidence. This can also be utilized by mom’s to release PTSD from prior birth traumas.

Mama Mantra Sessions are a combination of Erika’s expertise of therapeutic connection, mind body exercises, theta healing, and meditation with inner child work. These methods effectively assist women at a deep level by getting them in touch with their own power and innate ability to balance and heal. Each session is unique and tailored to the client. These are 60 minute remote sessions done from the comfort of your home! All services are also available over phone or Skype.

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