We need healing as individuals, and so at times does the collective…If you as a couple or family group are looking for a more holistic approach to enhance the health of your relationship, then Illumination Sessions may be right for you!

These sessions are 90 minutes long, are very intimate, and go deep. We use mind body techniques, Non-Violent Communication, and therapeutic connecting to get to the blocks of what is preventing us from authentically experiencing love and being in our healthiest relationship to one another. During these sessions I help those involved get past the egos and create space for exploring and healing. It is safe and supportive for all involved.

Illumination Sessions will provide:

  • Increased understanding of what is getting in the way of healing.

  • Healthier communication.

  • New tools to utilize in everyday life to continue increased health in the relationship.

  • Better understanding of yourself and how you function in the relationship.

Those Illumination Sessions can benefit:

  • Couples

  • Families

  • Blended Families

  • Child/Parent

  • Friendships

Illumination Session Pricing

$165 per 90 min session