The ignition sessions are designed to light your fire and are a perfect blend of coaching, inner child work, therapeutic connecting, and/or theta healing. Sessions are based on what the client needs at any given session.

These are 60 min sessions that are done over the phone (or in person if local to Charlotte and that is your preference). Each session is tailored to the individual needs of the client that day.

Ignition sessions provide:

  • Healing the roots of what you’re wanting to heal

  • Increased mental health and wellbeing

  • Greater connection to self

  • Increased self worth/love/acceptance

  • Gaining of life tools to take forward with you

Ignition Session Testimonials

I love Erika. 10 out of 10 stars! My anxiety had gotten worse to a point where I barely wanted to leave the house, as it was all too much. I went from about a 9 on the scale of panic attacks to basically non existent with her. I credit that to her awesome coaching and theta healing sessions. Through theta healing I also got rid of my daily migraines and sorted out my feminine cycles. She's really helped illuminate the subconscious beliefs that were getting in the way of my ability to be the best version of myself and with continued coaching I'm getting back to me after all these years. Thank you Erika! She is truly a blessing! Thank you, thank you!


When I first had the opportunity to meet with Erika she was the most true and honest person I had ever met. After having the opportunity to work with her I can truly say that she has become the most important person in my road to finding my self-appreciation and worth. She has single handedly turned my life around with her coaching and Theta healing and I could not be more grateful. There are sometimes no words to describe how a single moment or a single session with her can change your outlook on life itself. She has given me the tools to love, heal and deal with the inner workings of my life and mind. To Erika I will be forever grateful for the work she does because she has given me new life and a new perspective on who I am and how I deal with the world around me. Enough cannot be said about what she has done for me and for her healing I am truly honored and grateful.


“The day I had the opportunity to meet Erika was a true godsend. Within the first few minutes of talking with Erika I could feel how much she truly cares, not only about my wellbeing but the wellbeing of everyone she comes into contact with. Within the first few sessions, I was amazed at the depth of my inner self that we found that needed healing. After every session, for me personally, there is a solemn sense of understanding and clarity. Being able to identify my own personal trials and weaknesses, see them in a different light, and learning to allow the burden of carrying those weaknesses to be let go. Erika is one of the most mindful, and open people that I know, with the care and knowledge that everyone should experience. I learn something new and profound every time I have the opportunity to speak with her. One thing that drew me to her was her goal to teach you how to empower yourself. You gain the mindfulness and awareness to self heal in mind and spirit. I know that anyone who takes the special opportunity to ignite that inner fire with Erika will gain more than they can imagine.”


From the outside I looked like the average middle class woman going through daily tasks without pause or hesitation with a smile on my face having positive jovial attitude.  However, the reality was, I woke up daily with clenched jaws, headaches and tightening in my chest.  I'm a single mother, business owner, trying to get my last child through college, be a surrogate spouse to an aging parent, dealing with double digit number of deaths of family and friends within a 6 month period who hit a point where life had turned chaotic. That's when I skeptically met with Erika.

 After our first session, the next morning was the first time in months I did not wake up with a headache nor my chest/neck/shoulders wound tight.  What Erika does is extremely engaging, enlightening and digs deeper than anticipated to get to the root of issues in a unique, unconventional, but comforting way to begin putting you in a healthier, more positive mindset.  She restores the calm in your world as you work through and work past situations.  No matter what is currently going on in your life, she will bring out the better you.


Ignition Session Pricing

$115 single session (60 min)
$440 pack of 4 sessions (no expiration)

Inquire about the Full Ignition Package.