tailored to the individual needs of men/women/teens/other

The ignition sessions are designed to light your fire, and are a perfect blend of mind body medicine, inner child work, therapeutic connecting, and/or theta healing, based on what the client needs. Ignition sessions are perfect for those who want a blend of talking through their process, and complimenting that with the holistic modalities. Everyone has the answers to their own healing… everyone. Ignition sessions allow you to find these answers and bring them to fruition in a safe and supported environment.

Each session is customized to the needs of the client. In these sessions, clients are able to deeply explore and unearth their healing in a way where they are supported, heard, seen, gently challenged, and validated.

Ignition sessions can be utilized as wellness maintenance, prevention, or addressing current issues one would like resolved.

The needs of men/ women/non-gender conforming individuals/teenagers are all very unique, and everyone’s unique needs matter. Contact me today if this resonates as part of your healing journey! All services are available over phone or Skype.