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Welcome the level of wholeness and health you have always dreamed of


What's Getting in the Way of Your Healthiest and Most Vibrant Self?


approach Body

The vessel that carries us from the time we are born to the time we die. 

approach Mind

Our thoughts, our feelings, our perception of the world. 

approach Spirit

The essence of who you are, what you enjoy, and  makes you uniquely you. 

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“My desire is for you to be free of what is holding you back back from your highest health, potential, and joy.”


Wholeness Healing and Coaching

Inner Fire Wellness provides holistic one on one wellness coaching to those who are ready to explore the path to find their whole and complete selves. Click below for more details and see how Inner Fire Wellness can help you!



Inner Fire Wellness provides a unique and powerful

approach to healing that is deep and lasting called ThetaHealing

that can heal on the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels.


Wellness Groups

Inner Fire Wellness will lead Mind Body Wellness groups seasonally.


Light Your Fire

If you are interested in what IFW could do for you, please contact Erika for details.